Crewe Town Allotment Federation was formed in 2013 to oversee 315 allotment plots, spread over 8 allotment sites across Crewe. In April 2014 all 8 allotment Federation sites became self-managed, with individual associations responsible for:

  • All management duties, including the day to day running of the site(s)
  • Maintaining all elements of the site(s)
  • Collecting rent fees and administrative duties(s)        

The Federation board meets every 8 weeks where representatives from affiliated sites attend and discuss allotment developments, budgetary arrangements, current issues, share good practice and information. The Federation can only be effective if it has active members working together. 

Meet The Federation Board 2015

  • Chair Person - George Cornes
  • Vice Chair - Andy Hopwood
  • Secretary - Donna Williamson
  • Treasurer - Matt Bolton
  • Chris breeze - Henry Street Allotments
  • Liz Lavericke - Hungerford Road allotments
  • Anne Jarvis - Alton Street Allotments
  • TBC - Electricity Street Allotments
  • Trevor Tutt - Manor Way Allotments
  • Neil Dickinson - Claughton Avenue Allotments
  • Marlene Harper - Brookhouse Allotments
  • Graham Chadwick - Ruskin Road Allotments