Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding taking on an allotment. If you have a question that is not answered here please email us on:

What is an allotment?

An allotment is a plot of land provided by Crewe Town Allotment Federation under a tenancy agreement for local residents to cultivate fruit, flowers, herbs and vegetables for home consumption the whole year round. 

How big is an allotment? 

Allotments are available mainly in two sizes - Full size and half size. Actual size varies from site to site. and we have a couple of sites that offer mini plots which are ideal for beginners. 

I would like an allotment how do I get one? 

If you wish to rent an allotment, complete the form in the section called 'Contact Us'. We will then contact you to discuss if there are vacancies on your preferred site.

Vacancies, how often do they occur?

This varies throughout the year. The rent runs from 1st April to 31st March leading to vacancies soon after invoicing in March. Uncultivated plots not being worked may be terminated after requests to cultivate. This generally means that batches of vacant plots are available at different times of the year. Tenants also leave throughout the year for personal reasons, leading to odd vacancies.

Waiting Lists, how do they work?

Once you have completed an application form indicating your preferred site(s) you will then be told which ones have vacancies. If you cannot find the vacancy of your choice you can go on to a waiting list. Waiting list can vary in numbers and lists are updated from time to time by asking you to confirm your continuing interest. You must ensure you inform the Federation of any change of address.

The allotment I have been offered is in poor state of repair, is there any help available for me to improve it?

At present Crewe Town Allotment Federation are unable to provide financial support for the clearance/repair of vacant allotments at this time. We are hoping that by clearing plots before they are offered to new tenants this problem will be avoided in the future.

I've been offered an allotment, can I view it before I accept?

Yes you can. Federation sites are really friendly and will welcome prospective tenants and you might even get a cup of tea! You will be contacted by a Site Warden to arrange a viewing of the plot. You will be met at the main gate and taken to see the plot and given a tour of the full site. If you choose not to accept the plot you have been offered you can turn it down and your position on the waiting list will remain as it was.

I would like to accept the offer of an allotment plot, how do I  do this?

On accepting the plot you will be asked to complete a Tenancy Agreement. You will be issued with a copy of the Rules and Regulations and required to pay the annual fee and a refundable key deposit. The tenancy of the plot does not actually become yours until you have received your tenancy agreement and fees are paid.